Providing Leadership and Opportunity for Advanced Studies in Food Animal Production Management

GPVEC building.

Welcome to the Great Plains Veterinary Educational Center (GPVEC)!

Since its dedication in 1990, GPVEC has served as an information source for the beef industry.  With its primary focus in beef cattle production systems, it provides training of veterinary and graduate students, veterinary practitioners, beef producers and industry stakeholders. Specifically available are educational opportunities through clinical electives and professional training for veterinary students as well as continuing education events, including workshops, forums and outreach educational programs. Clinical research is another component of GPVEC faculty efforts that provides additional information.

The location of GPVEC is at the U.S. Meat Animal Research Center (US MARC), Clay Center, Nebraska. Nearly 50 research scientists work at US MARC. The Center, about 35,000 acres in size, is home to over 8,000 beef cows, about 1,800 sheep and over 900 litters of piglets born yearly. These populations, for which GPVEC faculty provide many of the veterinary services, form the basis for most of the clinical education provided at GPVEC.

Stewardship of animal, human and environmental resources with positive impact to animal health human food supply systems are primary goals of GPVEC efforts.

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