GPVEC Code of Conduct

The rules and regulations outlined in the student's respective University student handbook are generally applicable during GPVEC electives.

Students participating in GPVEC activities are required to follow the code of conduct policies set forth by the USMARC and GPVEC.

Specifically, violating any of the following regulations on USMARC or GPVEC property may result in immediate termination from the GPVEC program and possible criminal prosecution:

  1. Possession or consumption of alcohol
  2. Possession, use, or sale of illegal drugs, narcotics, or controlled substances
  3. Arson or tampering with any fire safety equipment
  4. Abuse, either physical or verbal of a fellow student, faculty, or staff member
  5. Possession of explosives, fireworks, firearms, or other weapons

Additional regulations for participation in GPVEC programs include:

  1. No throwing or dropping objects out of windows
  2. No trespassing in residence hall
  3. No smoking in buildings
  4. No vaping in buildings
  5. No pets allowed
  6. No overnight visitors

Dress Code
The atmosphere at GPVEC is relatively informal, therefore casual attire is considered appropriate as long as the clothing is clean, modest and professional.
Students will be responsible for bringing their own coveralls and readily washable footwear (overshoes or rubber boots) in order to participate in all in-the-field activities and for access to the necropsy room.


Individuals utilizing facilities at GPVEC will be held accountable for any damages they cause to University of Nebraska or USDA-ARS property and are subject to immediate termination from the program.