Residence Hall Guidelines

The GPVEC Residence Hall is completely furnished and is located on the second level of the building.  The GPVEC is the far west building of the USMARC office complex (see site map below).

Kitchenettes are equipped with a coffee maker and all major appliances, including a dishwasher, stove, refrigerator, and microwave.  Each kitchenette contains a complete table service and an assortment of pots and pans including a covered saucepan, frying pan, measuring cups and spoons, and basic cooking utensils.

Students are responsible for purchasing their own food and personal items.  Students should be prepared to take sack lunches to the field.

The living area is furnished with a sofa, chair, and color television.  A landline telephone is available in each unit.  Students who wish to make long-distance calls using a landline telephone can use a credit card or make other arrangements. To place an outside call, students must dial "9" then "0" to get an operator.

Bedrooms are equipped with extra-long twin beds.  Bed linens, pillows, blankets, and bath towels are provided.  Laundry and ironing facilities are available at the GPVEC.  Students are responsible for purchasing their own laundry supplies.

Study desks and lamps are available for use in the unit's bedrooms.  Students are also encouraged to use the computer classroom for completing their assignments.

Upon arriving at the GPVEC, students will need to complete a residence hall check-in form and provide emergency contact information.  Students must accept responsibility for the use of the residence hall and abide by the rules set forth.  Students will be held responsible for the condition of the room and furnishings at check- out prior to departure.  Please check with GPVEC for the current pricing.  A minimal weekly fee is assessed for staying in the GPVEC Residence Hall.

Participating students are not required to stay in the residence hall and may make other arrangements, however emergency contact information is still required.  Under these circumstances, students will be responsible for their own transportation to and from the GPVEC.  There is no shuttle service available to GPVEC.

Family members or friends will not be permitted to stay overnight in the residence hall during a student's elective.  Pets are not allowed under any circumstances.  NO Exceptions.

Students will be expected to comply with the following check-out procedures:

  • Remove all food and any other items you brought
  • Wash, dry, and put away all dishes and utensils
  • Thoroughly clean inside the microwave
  • Clean counters and mop floors
  • Clean out sink and flush garbage disposal
  • Empty filter and clean coffee pot


  • Remove sheets and pillowcases from beds and place in the laundry cart at the bottom of the east stairway.
  •  Fold blanket and bedspread and leave on bed.


  • Remove towels, washcloths and bathmat and place in the laundry cart at the bottom of the east stairway.
  • THOROUGHLY CLEAN the sink, toilet, bathtub and floor.


  • Vacuum all carpeted areas.
  • Take trash to dumpster located on north side of the building (behind Necropsy).
  • Remove personal items before checking out.
  • Return room key and keyless access card to the front desk. 

Reminder:  The last student(s) to check out are responsible for the condition of the room.
For more information about the residence hall click here GPVEC Residence Hall.