The National Cattlemen's Beef Association (NCBA) initiated Standardized Performance Analysis (SPA) in 1991. SPA is designed to provide the methodology for integration of production and financial information. This analytic tool documents the financial position, financial performance, and unit cost of production along with reproduction and production efficiency. This process is invaluable to the producer in identifying areas to control cost and remaining profitable. However, the process does require records and an understanding of production and financial information. Many have viewed the process as too difficult. This view lead to the development of SPA-EZ.

SPA-EZ is a simpler version of SPA. The detail has been sacrificed for simplicity, but the accuracy is not affected. The starting point for completing the SPA-EZ is with the production records that most producers already have. The financial information begins with the tax records. Adjustments must be made to the tax records for changes in inventories and accounts. These are referred to as accrual adjustments and are necessary for a true picture of profitability. Assets are valued on their cost basis and not their market value. The complete SPA uses both methods. See the SPA-EZ instructions for completing the worksheets.

You can print blank worksheets. After completing the worksheets, enter the data in the computer. The program will make calculations for you. You can then print a completed copy of the worksheets with calculations. If you submit your data, it will be sent to our server at the University of Nebraska Great Plains Veterinary Educational Center. The data will be reviewed for accuracy and a more complete report will be sent back to you for your review. All information will be kept confidential.

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