Dr. Kathy Whitman

Dr. Kathy Whitman

Clinical Veterinarian and Assistant Professor of Practice

P.O. Box 148
820 Road 313
Clay Center, NE 68933

Phone: (402) 762-4507



DVM 2006 Colorado State University
MS 2006 Colorado State University, Ruminant Nutrition

University responsibilities:
Instructing 3rd and 4th year veterinary students in food animal electives located at the USMARC, via clinical, laboratory, and lecture interactions. Co-coordinator of 4th year veterinary student electives. Provide service and support to USMARC veterinarians, researchers and staff in animal health care and diagnostics. Provide support in UNL and GPVEC programs, research projects, and outreach.

Professional interests:
Primarily interested in beef herd health and production management, outbreak investigation, and bovine nutrition and related health impacts.

Selected publications:
Whitman KJ, Bono JL, Clawson ML, Loy JD, Bosilevac J, Arthur T, Ondrak JD.  2016.  Genomic-based identification of host and environmental Listeria monocytogenes strains associated with an abortion outbreak in beef heifers. Abstract and poster presentation:  Proceedings of the 29th World Buiatrics Congress, Dublin, Ireland, July 3-8, 2016.

Whitman KJ, Loy JD, Jones B.  2016.  A novel ELISA for the detection of caseous lymphadenitis in United States goat herds:  Test validation and application in a field setting.  Abstract and poster presentation:  Proceedings of the 29th World Buiatrics Congress, Dublin, Ireland, July 3-8, 2016.

Whitman KJ, O’Callaghan M, Cushman R, Amundson O, McNeel A, Grotelueschen D, Ondrak JD. 2015.  Calving Earlier In the Calving Season: GPVEC Calving Distribution 2014 Pilot Study Report.  Proc Nebraska Vet Med Assoc Summer Meeting.

Clothier K, Davidson JM, Grotelueschen D, Janzen E, Larson R, Merrill S, Ondrak JD, Rae O, Rodning S, Sanderson M, White B, Whitman KJ.  2015.  TRICH Consult: Develop a cow-calf Trich (Trichomoniasis) control strategy.  www.trichconsult.org.

Beagley JC, Whitman KJ, Baptiste KE, Scherzer J.  2010.  Physiology and Treatment of Retained Fetal Membranes in Cattle.  J Vet Internal Med. 24:261-68.

Whitman KJ, Overton M.  2007.  Cow Comfort Considerations. Proc 56th Annual N Carolina Dairy Conference.  Salisbury, NC.

Whitman KJ, Engle TE, Burns PD, Dorton KL, Ahola JK, Enns RM, and  Stanton TL.  2007.  Effects of Copper and Zinc Source on Performance, Carcass Characteristics, and Lipid Metabolism in Finishing Steers.  Prof An Sci. 23:36-41.