Dr. Erin Jobman

Dr. Erin E. Jobman

Postdoctoral Associate

Clinical Veterinarian Resident

P.O. Box 148
820 Road 313
Clay Center, NE 68933

Phone: (402) 762-4506



DVM 2017 Kansas State University
MPH 2017 Kansas State University
BS 2013 University of Nebraska-Lincoln

University responsibilities:
Responsibilities include engaging in research projects, teaching veterinary students, and providing extension outreach to benefit livestock producers and veterinarians.

Professional interests:
Interests include enhancing pork and beef cattle production systems by improving preventative management practices in all levels of production, in addition to strengthening understanding of agricultural systems among veterinary students.

Selected publications:

Walker, LR, Jobman, EE, Sutton, KM, Wittler, J, Johnson, RK, Ciobanu, DC. 2019. Genome-wide association analysis for Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome Virus susceptibility traits in two genetic populations of pigs. Journal of Animal Science. Jul 30; 97(8): 3253-3261.

Engle, TB, Jobman, EE, Moural, TW, McKnite, AM, Bundy, JW, Barnes, SY, Davis, EH, Galeota, JA, Burkey, TE, Plastow, GS, Kachman, SD, Ciobanu, DC. 2014. Variation in time and magnitude of immune response and viremia in experimental challenges with Porcine circovirus 2b. BMC Veterinary Research. Dec 4. 10(1):286.

McKnite, AM, Bundy, JW, Moural, TW, Tart, JK, Johnson, TP, Jobman, EE, Barnes, SY, Qiu, JK, Peterson, DA, Harris, SP, Rothschild, MF, Galeota, JA, Johnson, RK, Kachman, SD, Ciobanu, DC. 2014. Genomic analysis of the differential response to experimental infection with Porcine Circovirus 2b. Animal Genetics. April. 25(2):205-14.