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University of Nebraska–Lincoln


Great Plains Veterinary Educational Center

Dr. Griffin

D. Dee Griffin, DVM, MS

Feedlot Production Management Veterinarian and Professor
University of Nebraska
Great Plains Veterinary Educational Center
Phone: (402) 762-4500
Fax: (402) 762-4509


Duties include teaching, research, scholarly service for the veterinary training program, and extension.  Dr. Griffin's research, teaching, and extension interests include feedlot medicine and management.  He is active in the development of the Nebraska Cattlemen Beef Quality Assurance (BQA) Program.  He has developed and teaches techniques for BQA and production monitoring in the packing plant.

Education:  BS (1973) and DVM (1975) from Oklahoma State University, and MS (1978) from Purdue University

Specialty:  Production Management, Quality Assurance, Pathology and Nutrition

Research Emphasis:  Interrelationships of factors affecting grass and feeder cattle production with emphysis on quality assurance

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