Dr. Adam Bassett

Dr. Adam Bassett

Graduate Research Assistant

P.O. Box 148
820 Road 313
Clay Center, NE 68933

Phone: (402) 762-4513




DVM 2016 Iowa State University College of Veterinary Medicine
B.A.-Biology 2012 Hastings College

University responsibilities:
My responsibilities include working toward attaining my master’s degree to supplement my DVM, helping to conduct research that will benefit animal health and advance medical knowledge, and to assist in the education of veterinary students at GPVEC.

Professional interests:
My primary areas of interest are in reproduction, genetics, epidemiology, and preventive medicine for all companion and food animal species, but particularly for horses and beef cattle. Collectively my interest is in the promotion of good reproductive health and prevention of disease through various management techniques for both horses and cattle. These management techniques include such things as using responsible breeding and genetic practices, proper animal handling and/or stockmanship to minimize stress and increase animal welfare, and good stewardship of animal health products to name a few. I also have a passion for education, specifically student education in the fields of medicine, science, and agriculture. High quality education is important for the advancement of the veterinary and medical professions as well as the promotion of scientific and agricultural knowledge within the general population.